Thermostaat Kubota - Kubota : A-155, A-175, A-195, A15, A17, A19, Aste, B72, B92, GB15, GB16(F), GB18(F), GB20(F), GB150, GB160, GB170, GB180, GB200, KB, L1, L1-18, L1-20, L1-22, L1-24, L1-185, L1-195, L1-205, L1-215, L1-225, L1-235, L1-245, L1-255, L1-275, L1-295, L245, L1802, L2201, L2202, L2402

OE - 82°C - id. 15321-73010 - id. 15321-73015 - id.1E401-73010 -Ø44 mm - D902 D905 D1100 D1102 D1105 D1302 D1402 D1462motoren

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Referencie 15321-73014
0.1 kg

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Product Type Water-Lucht-Diesel

Merken - Modellen

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Keerring thermostaat Kubota - Kubota : Excavator, KH66, L1, L1-18, L1-20, L1-185, L1-195, L1-205, L1-215, L245, L1802, L2002, L2202, L2250, L2402, L2550, L2602, L2802, L2850
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